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 At Solomon Dental Group, we love to say: "Make yourself at home. We're family!" We're proud to offer a comfortable environment for you to relax. But our exceptional, friendly staff is by far our greatest asset - they are licensed professionals who pride themselves on staying on the cutting edge of dentistry and patient communication. All of us are excited about what we are doing, have high standards of quality care and integrity, and are motivated to achieve the best results for our family of patients.

We are eager to answer any questions regarding your dental care. Please feel free to share with us your needs and concerns. And, we always love your feedback!

Nikki Wolfe, RDH -- Dental Hygienist

Nikki was not born in Texas but it was our good fortune that she got here as soon as she could. She grew up in Idaho, earned her Dental Hygiene degree in Tuscon, AZ, and then worked a few years in Tacoma, WA. Nikki finally settled in The Woodlands to raise her family and, last year, we were thrilled to celebrate her tenth anniversary at Solomon Dental Group. Her large following of loyal patients is a direct result of her dedication to the dental health and general well-being of those she serves.

Nikki is very involved with her two active children. On those few occasions when she gets a moment to herself (every working mom’s dream!), she loves to run, cycle and swim. Accordingly, it should come as no surprise that the first item on her bucket list is “completing an Iron Man Triathlon”.


Carol Maldonado, RDH – Dental Hygienist

We were so excited that Carol joined our hygiene team in 2017. She’s been a true blessing to all our patients and to the entire office staff. There’s something about her easy manner, warm smile and gentle touch that epitomizes our tagline “We’re family!”.

Hailing from Brownsville, she received her Dental Hygiene degree from Texas State Tech College in Harlingen. Why dentistry? “I love the difference we make in restoring people’s self-esteem.”

Carol is an ex-Marine (having served in Japan and North Carolina). She  spends her personal leisure time in a wide range of “do-it-yourself” projects. However, that personal time is increasingly rare as Carol, her husband and daughter welcome a new born into their family live.


Sabrina Thomas, RDH – Dental Hygienist

We tease Sabrina about being a Cheesehead, but that’s just our jealousy that her Green Bay Packers have sipped from the Super Bowl while our Houston Texans are still dreaming. That aside, Sabrina and her family are mighty thankful that Wisconsin winters are far behind them. Now, with lots of outdoor living opportunities, she can better indulge her love for spending leisure time with her husband, two small children, and many friends. She also likes to work out, read and cook. And have a Starbucks. Or maybe two, or three.

They say “good things come in threes” and this year Sabrina proved that point when she completed our trio of first class hygienists. We couldn’t be happier that Sabrina is now an integral part of our hygiene team. More importantly, with her professional skills and bubbling personality, she has quickly developed her own following of loyal patients. But don’t rely on our praise – when it’s time to book your next cleaning, think of Sabrina.


Lauren Butler, RDA – Chairside Assistant & Marketing Maven

Lauren brings energy, initiative and creativity to our team dynamic.  Although she graduated from Dental Assisting School only four years ago, she’s become somewhat of a jill-of-all-trades capable of quickly stepping in to help any coworker with chairside assisting, administrative tasks or lab duties. When time permits, she also helps to develop and execute a marketing strategy for our practice.

Lauren’s greatest pleasure in dentistry comes from working one-on-one with patients. She takes pride in getting to know them as individuals, understanding their concerns, and using a gentle hand to guide or accompany them on their oral health care journey. She wants all her patients to feel “at home”, among friends.

During her leisure time, Lauren loves crafting, sewing, cooking, music and travel – but, especially, planning for her wedding this spring. And only Lauren would have on her bucket list: “swim with the pigs in The Bahamas”! (Now that you know it’s a thing, you want to do it too, right?)


Sarah Kirby, RDA – Chairside Assistant

Sarah is our “Girl from Spring”, born and raised. Her favorite recreation is playing with her two dogs. Her fiancé is a pro ball player. So we ask: what could be more “All-American/Hometown” than a love for dogs and baseball? She’s looking forward to the day when she can actually breed German Shepherds but, in the meantime, planning her fall wedding leaves no time for other projects.

Sarah primarily works chairside, assisting the dentist. When you arrive, she’ll help you get settled in the treatment room, review your health history, answer any questions you might have and, generally, ensure your comfort throughout the visit. We’re so happy to add Sarah’s professional skills and her gentle, calm manner to the exceptional dental health experience we offer our patients.


Raquel Herrera, RDA – Chairside & Admin Assistant

Raquel was born in Miami but her parents immediately brought her to Houston - apparently to spare her the embarrassment of growing up a Floridian. She has lived here ever since.

Raquel joined our practice in 2017 and soon after earned her certificate as a Dental Assistant. Our patients love her energy and cheerful manner. She started as an admin. receptionist but soon developed a skill and love for clinical work. She also adds strength to the team’s growing ability to serve our Hispanic patients.

Raquel is an avid learner and a self-described “foodie”. She loves to bake, travel and just hang out with her family and friends. Oh... and in her spare time she's a full-time college student!


Marty Alvarez – Front Office Maestro

Marty originally came from the “Show-Me” state but, once you experience her warm Southern Charm, you’ll swear she was a Texas Belle from day one. She’s our concierge extraordinare - the smiling voice and face of our office – the first to welcome you and put you at ease, and the last to thank you for coming. She’ll schedule your appointments. She’ll fight your insurance battles. And, with her wealth of dental admin experience, she can perform 101 tasks behind the scenes without fanfare or notice.

Marty loves concerts, boating and traveling. She’s been to Disneyworld over ten times, but the best trip she ever had was to Berlin, Germany. She adores her little grandson, and has a granddaughter on the way. We don’t usually gamble, but it’s a pretty safe bet that she’ll be returning to Disneyworld long before she sees Berlin again.

Please drop by our office anytime. Just meeting Marty will be well worth the trip!

Roberto Torres – Dental Technician

The term “Technician” belies the depth of Roberto’s dental training and experience. Before 2005, when he brought his family to Texas for medical reasons, he had been a successful orthodontist for over 12 years in Tampico, Mexico. Since then , he has proven to be a successful entrepreneur with a thirst for continued learning. Roberto has two sons: one in college and the other a high school senior.

When he’s not in a college classroom himself, Roberto provides valuable backup for our clinical team – from in-house lab work, to sterilization of instruments, to operatory set-ups, etc. – wherever and whenever he’s needed. In his leisure time, he loves running, fishing and golfing. He also has a keen interest in astronomy and never misses an opportunity to visit our local planetarium.


Mark Kelly -- Administrator

Mark is a retired Canadian attorney. He used to be “The Man in the Office” (according to his old business card) until Dr. Glick and Roberto arrived. Mark’s been working here for 15 years. He’s originally from Windsor, Ontario – and grew up just minutes away from Dr. Solomon's home across the river in Detroit, MI.

Mark provides administrative support for the office, allowing everyone else to focus on patient care. His leisure activities include travel, genealogy, walking, computers and binge-watching-TV-while-snacking. (OK, we just made up that word.) This year he’s hoping to learn how to play the piano. If not this year... then next. Or the one after that.

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