KOR Whitening

Who doesn’t want whiter teeth?

Some people want REALLY white teeth, while others just want a few shades of improvement.

IN OUR PRACTICE we use the most advance whitening treatment available called KOR Deep Bleaching. This is the most amazing and effective teeth whitening procedure ever seen in dentistry.

Other Teeth Whitening Systems Have These Problems:

  • Results fade quickly.
  • Teeth get very sensitive.
  • Results are unpredictable and often fall short of expectations.
  • You need to give up (or severely limit) the use of coffee and wine.

KOR Solves These Problems:

  • You won’t have to give up your coffee or red wine. With simple periodic at-home maintenance, your teeth will stay white FOREVER.
  • KOR typically has very little, and often no tooth sensitivity.
  • KOR is SO EFFECTIVE it is the ONLY whitening system recognized to significantly whiten even tetracycline stained teeth


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