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SureSmile – The Woodlands, TX

A “Sure” Way to Straighten Your Teeth

Do you wish your teeth were a little straighter? These days, there are multiple types of orthodontic treatments on the market. Clear aligners are extremely popular because of their discreet appearance. Many patients opt for Invisalign because it is such a well-known brand, but did know that there are other clear aligner systems that are just as effective? Here at Solomon Dental Group, we are proud to offer SureSmile in The Woodlands as well as Invisalign.

Why Choose Solomon Dental Group for SureSmile?

  • Multiple Clear Aligner Options Available
  • Friendly & Caring Team
  • Fair Prices & Accessible Financing

How SureSmile Works

Smiling woman holding aligner for SureSmile in The Woodlands

Like other types of clear aligners in The Woodlands, SureSmile works by applying gentle pressure to the teeth. Each aligner moves your teeth just a little, and by the time you work your way through all of your aligners, you should have a well-aligned smile.

The treatment starts with a consultation. Once we determine that SureSmile is right for you, we’ll scan your teeth and use a 3D digital model of them to design your treatment with the assistance of patented software. SureSmile will fabricate your aligners using top-quality Essix ACE® plastic. Once you start wearing your aligners, you’ll visit us periodically for checkups throughout your treatment period.

Indications for SureSmile

Illustration of clear aligner being placed on crooked teeth

SureSmile orthodontics in The Woodlands can address most mild to moderate cases of dental misalignment. Some of the specific problems that it is often able to correct include:

Crowded Teeth

Perhaps along with extractions, SureSmile can stop teeth from overlapping one another. This may lower your risk of cavities, broken teeth, and other serious problems.

Gaps Between Teeth

Large gaps between the teeth may interfere with your speech and leave your gums vulnerable to problems. SureSmile may be able to move your teeth closer together.

Bite Alignment

Overbite, underbite, crossbite, and open bite are a few common types of malocclusion (bad bite). SureSmile, perhaps with the help of attachments, is often able to address such issues.

The Benefits of SureSmile

Dental team member using clear aligners to make heart shape

Some of the most noteworthy benefits of SureSmile include:

  • The aligners are subtle and do not call a lot of attention to themselves.
  • Because SureSmile is removable, you can enjoy easy oral hygiene and freedom from dietary restrictions.
  • Fast tooth movements. The unique SureSmile treatment process ensures that your teeth move as efficiently as possible.
  • You might feel some pressure as your teeth move, but you can expect your aligners to fit well. Because they are free of brackets and wires, they should cause little to no irritation to the soft tissues in your mouth.

Understanding the Cost of SureSmile

Patient and dentist discussing the cost of SureSmile

The cost of SureSmile depends on a few different factors, including the number of aligners you require. When you visit your dentist in The Woodlands for a consultation, we can provide you with a cost estimate. In general, SureSmile costs less than other popular clear aligner brands. Our practice offers financing through CareCredit, and we can help you file insurance claims if your policy offers coverage for orthodontic treatment.

Factors that Affect the Cost of SureSmile

Illustration of misaligned teeth in lower dental arch

The cost of SureSmile in The Woodlands can vary from case to case. Here are a few factors that have a bearing on overall price:

  • The complexity of your case. More severe dental misalignment may require more aligners and more accessories, adding to your total cost.
  • Whether you are straightening one arch or both. Logically, straightening only your upper or lower teeth may cost less than straightening your entire smile.
  • Patients who do not carefully follow treatment instructions may encounter delays and other issues that add to the total price of their SureSmile aligners.

SureSmile vs. SmileDirectClub™: Cost vs. Value

Close-up of hand supporting two clear aligners against blue background

Some patients are tempted to opt for DIY clear aligners, such as SmileDirectClub™ or a similar product, because they offer an attractively low price. On average, DIY aligners cost around $2,000, while SureSmile has an average price of roughly twice that.

However, keep in mind that you must also consider what you are getting for the price. With DIY aligners, you are more likely to encounter problems during your treatment. For example, some patients have found that the condition of their teeth is actually worse after they use a DIY treatment. Then, they end up spending even more to have a qualified dentist or orthodontist correct the problem.

With SureSmile, you get excellent treatment from day one. It delivers consistent results, uses comfortable and high-quality materials, and utilizes the latest technology. Many patients feel that it is a remarkable value, especially since it is more affordable than some other dentist-provided clear aligner brands.

Does Dental Insurance Cover SureSmile?

Close-up of hand holding clear aligner against neutral background

Some dental insurance plans have a lifetime maximum for orthodontic treatment. If yours does, it might reduce your out-of-pocket cost for SureSmile by $1,000 or more. Our team will be happy to help you figure out how your policy applies and file claims in your behalf. If your insurance doesn’t apply to SureSmile in The Woodlands, you might be able to use your FSA or HSA to pay for your treatment instead.

Options for Making SureSmile Affordable

Happy patient, glad she could afford SureSmile aligners

In addition to helping you navigate your insurance, we can also assist you as you apply for CareCredit. CareCredit is a third-party lender that offers low-interest and no-interest financing for medical and dental services, including SureSmile. Most patients are approved for credit, and you may have the option to choose between several different payment plans so you can pick the one that best fits with your family’s budget.

Would you like to learn more about SureSmile, its cost, and how you may be able to use it to achieve a healthier, more confident smile? Schedule a consultation with Solomon Dental Group today. We look forward to serving you! 

SureSmile FAQs

Questions about SureSmile in The Woodlands

Before you are ready to invest in SureSmile in The Woodlands, it’s normal to have some concerns about what lies ahead. Don’t worry because we will explain everything at your consultation for clear aligners. In the meantime, here are the answers to a few frequently asked questions about SureSmile to feel confident about your decision to improve your smile.

What does SureSmile look like?

SureSmile is a discreet alternative to brackets and wires. The clear aligners are made of top-quality plastic to apply continual pressure to your teeth. The transparent aligners will be visible while you hold them in your hand; however, once you pop them in your mouth, they become virtually undetectable. Your aligners will never compromise your appearance with the right maintenance, like keeping them clean and removing them when eating or drinking anything except water. You’ll never have to worry about unwanted attention to your mouth with the proper precautions. If you require buttons, elastics, or other attachments, they may be more noticeable than your aligners, but they are less obvious than brackets.

How long does SureSmile take?

SureSmile is a preferred solution for teens and adults who want results quickly. Although every case differs, most patients are finished with their treatment in 12 to 18 months. However, some plans can be completed in just 6 months. Various factors affect how long you’ll need aligners, such as the complexity of your case and compliance with your dentist’s instructions, like changing your aligners on time. Your cosmetic dentist in The Woodlands will monitor your progress to avoid delays in your journey to a straight smile.

What happens after SureSmile?

Once you have finished your series of aligners, it’s time to preserve your results. You’ll need a retainer to hold your teeth in their new positions to protect your investment. Although no one looks forward to wearing a retainer, there are many discreet options available. Initially, you’ll be instructed to always wear it. Your cosmetic dentist will reduce the length of time until you’re only needing your retainer at night. With a little patience, your new smile can last for a lifetime.

Is there anything I can’t eat with SureSmile?

A major advantage of SureSmile is not having to deal with dietary restrictions. Your aligners aren’t affixed to your teeth, so you can remove them anytime you want, such as when eating or drinking. Although they are made of durable plastic, they won’t withstand the pressure of biting and chewing. Not to mention, it can stain your aligners, compromising their transparency. Your cosmetic dentist recommends taking your aligners out whenever you have anything except water. Place your aligners in their storage case to keep them clean and safe. Don’t forget to rinse your aligners and brush your teeth before putting them back in your mouth. While you won’t have to skip your favorite foods, you must commit to wearing your aligners for at least 22 hours per day.