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4 Things That Can Cause Shifting Teeth

May 16, 2022

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As we age, our bodies naturally start to change – but one thing that should stay pretty consistent over the years is the position of the teeth. If you have noticed that your pearly whites are starting to move out of alignment, it could be a sign of something that requires treatment. Keep reading to learn the top 4 causes of teeth shifting and what types of solutions are available from your dentist. 

#1: Not Wearing a Retainer

Braces move the teeth into proper alignment by putting constant pressure in focused areas. Once the hardware is removed, however, the teeth will gradually start to shift back into place if a retainer is not worn as directed. Many adults who had braces as teens and neglected to use their retainer start to notice their teeth have returned back to where they were over the course of several years.

#2: Tongue Thrusting

How your tongue moves when you swallow can cause the teeth to shift out of alignment. If you “thrust” your tongue when swallowing, or involuntarily push it between the front teeth rather than at the roof of the mouth, a gap will form between the upper and lower teeth. You can retrain your tongue to stop thrusting, but you may need treatment to correct the change in alignment. 

#3: Teeth Grinding/Jaw Clenching

If you grind your teeth at night or during the day due to stress, anxiety, or a condition known as bruxism, you may experience movement in the teeth as well. The force from the grinding/clenching causes shifting along with a host of other issues, including worn tooth enamel and chronic jaw pain. 

#4: Tooth Loss

You need all of your teeth to keep everything functioning properly. Once one is lost, the teeth surrounding the gap will start to move over to fill the place. Prompt replacement with a crown and bridge or dental implant is required to prevent shifting. 

Solutions for Shifting Teeth

No matter what caused your teeth to move out of their proper alignment, a solution is available when you partner with your dentist. One excellent choice is Invisalign – clear braces that reposition the teeth subtly. SureSmile is a similar option that also uses clear aligners. 

Get in touch with your dentist to learn more about how to treat and prevent shifting teeth! 

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