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How Do You Avoid Sensitivity After Teeth Whitening?

February 4, 2022

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woman with bright smile and teeth sensitivity in The Woodlands

When it comes to improving your looks and gaining confidence, nothing beats getting teeth whitening for your pearly whites. However, some people experience sensitive teeth after their procedure, and this can be annoying and problematic. Read on to learn what causes teeth whitening sensitivity in The Woodlands and how to avoid it after brightening your smile.

What Causes Teeth Whitening Sensitivity?

One of the main culprits for teeth whitening sensitivity is hydrogen peroxide. Both professional and at-home whitening products contain this active ingredient, so sensitivity to peroxide can result in your teeth aching after the treatment. This usually doesn’t last very long, but a persistent ache could be a sign of something more serious.

Another reason can be due to recent dental treatments, thin enamel, or underlying oral conditions like gum disease or cavities. Whitening treatment removes microscopic amounts of minerals from the enamel, which can lead to sensitivity. To avoid any discomfort and dental health risks, it’s best to avoid using OTC products and instead visit your dentist as the safest option.

How Do You Avoid Sensitivity from Teeth Whitening?

There are mainly two key factors that influence the level of sensitivity in your teeth when undergoing teeth whitening treatment: temperature and peroxide levels.

Avoiding Extreme Temperatures: After you whiten your teeth, it’s always best to stick with eating or drinking room temperature substances. Even the mildest products can lead to sensitivity for some people, so it’s important you stay away from extremely hot or cold beverages.

Get Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment: To bypass any dental issues from bleaching products, it’s best to get treatment directly from your dentist. A cosmetic dentist will properly use professional-grade teeth whitening specifically designed to reduce sensitivity.

You could also use desensitizing gel or toothpaste, or lengthen the time between whitening, to reduce the discomfort. If you still notice a persistent sensitivity, you should always speak with your dentist about it. Other than that, you can be sure to enjoy the new look your pearly whites offer!

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