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Flossing with Invisalign

December 9, 2021

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person flossing their teeth

For a long time, traditional metal braces were the method of choice for straightening one’s teeth. With the introduction of Invisalign in 1997, patients were given a new, visually appealing way to correct issues with their pearly whites. Though these clear aligners are an excellent orthodontic option for a range of different alignment and aesthetic issues, some struggle with properly flossing their teeth during treatment. Read on to learn about the importance of flossing every day and the correct way to floss between your pearly whites with Invisalign.

The Importance of Flossing

While brushing your teeth removes food particles, bacteria, plaque, and other harmful substances from your mouth, flossing is a crucial step in maintaining good oral hygiene. If you don’t floss your teeth, you miss roughly 40% of the plaque caked on to them, which sharply raises your risk of developing oral health issues like cavities. Tooth decay can cause delays in your Invisalign treatment, so it’s incredibly important to take proper care of your teeth so you can continue moving towards your dream smile.

How to Properly Clean Your Teeth

Now that you understand why it’s important to floss your teeth, what’s the proper way to do it if you’re undergoing Invisalign treatment? To clean between your pearly whites, follow these steps:

  • Remove your aligners – Though it may seem obvious, the first step in flossing with Invisalign is to remove your aligner trays. Soak them in a cleaning solution for dentures, retainers, or Invisalign to remove bacteria.  You can also use cool water or a mixture of one part water and one part vinegar.
  • Brush your teeth – If you just finished eating, brush your teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush to remove debris. Even if you brush thoroughly, there are still parts of the teeth that can be cleaned without dental floss.
  • Rinse Your Mouth – Rinse your mouth out with water to loosen up any remaining food particles.
  • Floss Your Teeth – Take 18 cm of dental floss so you have extra room to hold it. Wrap the ends around your fingers, leaving a few inches to move between your teeth. Glide the floss between your pearly whites, slowly working towards the gum line. Move it around your teeth, making a “C” shape. Use an up and down motion. Repeat these steps until you’ve cleaned all your teeth.

Once you’re done flossing, put your aligners back on. With the above steps, you’ll be able to keep your teeth healthy and strong, which will put you one step closer to the smile of your dreams!

About the Practice

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