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5 Steps to Take When You Knock Out a Tooth

May 21, 2021

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woman with a knocked-out tooth covering her mouth with her hands

If your tooth fell out, your first instinct might be to panic. After all, most people never imagine they’d have to deal with a knocked-out tooth. You might be anxiously wondering how you’re going to afford to replace a missing tooth in The Woodlands, TX. The good news is that there’s a chance your tooth can be saved! However, you have to act quickly. Here are five steps you need to take when you knock out a tooth.

Pick Up the Tooth (by its Crown only)

Your teeth have two parts: the crown (the part that you normally see in your mouth) and the root (the pointed part that is usually hidden beneath the gums). Your dentist will have a higher chance of being able to reimplant your tooth if you handle it by the crown, NOT the root. Locate the tooth and pick it up by its crown. Be careful to not remove any tissue that may remain on the tooth.

Gently Clean the Tooth

You’ll want to remove any debris from the tooth before putting it back in your mouth. Gently rinse it under cool water, but do NOT scrub it or use a towel. The only thing you should use to clean it is water. Soaps and other cleaning chemicals can actually hurt your chances of successful reimplantation.

Insert the Tooth Back into Its Socket

Try to carefully place the tooth back into the socket. Then, hold the tooth in place as you slowly bite down.

Keep the Tooth Moist at All Times

A knocked-out tooth cannot be saved if it dries out. While putting the tooth in its socket is a good way to keep it moist, there are other ways to keep the tooth “alive” if you’re having trouble with this method. You could hold the tooth in your cheek pocket or keep it submerged in a securely lidded container full of milk.

Get to Your Dentist Right Away

Once you’ve cleaned the tooth and found a way to keep it moist, call your dentist immediately. Ideally, you should get to their office within an hour of the incident. After an hour, the odds of your dentist being able to save your tooth begin to decrease dramatically.

When you’re dealing with a knocked-out tooth, know that you don’t have to do so alone. In any kind of dental emergency, contact your dentist for tips on how to handle the situation and get your smile back on the right track!

About the Author

Dr. Carin J. Solomon is a family and emergency dentist in The Woodlands, TX with more than three decades of experience. At her practice, she offers fast appointments for emergency patients. If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, reach out to Solomon Dental Group by visiting their website or calling (281) 367-4007.